Most people don’t realise that registrars are only a necessary part of the legal process of getting married, therefore having registered your marriage, either at a registry office or on licensed premises, the ceremonial side of  Weddings can be held by an independent celebrant like myself any time, any place, anywhere (almost).  We do not have to adhere to the usual registrar restrictions (such as set times, limited availability and standard scripts for all).  In fact, couples can legally marry on one day and have the ceremony either on the same day or another day of their choice.  Also the ceremony can take place during the day or evening at a time that suits you.

There is something very unique and special in having the ultimate say about the vows you speak, who is involved in the ceremony, how you want to orchestrate it and which songs and readings you want to include.  The ceremony can be religious, spiritual, combine different cultures or just a joyous celebration – the whole content of the ceremony is in your hands and it is up to me to bring your ideas to life.

You can even include traditional rituals such as hand fasting (tying hands together with ribbons), jumping the broom, petal ceremonies, sand ceremonies, candle ceremonies or rose ceremonies.   Or you can create your own!  I’ll be there to guide you and explore ideas with you.  Your ceremony can be humorous, romantic or very traditional…the choice is yours and yours alone.  You can also include children, family members and friends to make them feel part of the whole fabric of your day, if you so wish.



It is wonderful that it is now legal to have same sex marriages in England, Wales and Scotland.  And rather than the perfunctory registry office ceremony, spoken by someone you’ve probably never met before, offering a rather standard transcript, with the same service often being delivered to lots of other couples that day, I would love to create a unique ceremony that is very personal to you and your partner, which perfectly illustrates your relationship and love for each other.

PRICE: FROM £450.00